Monday, 18 November 2013

it's a circus celebration

After attending a day camp at the circus last summer, my DD developed a fascination for all things acrobatics.  She looked forward to jumping endlessly at the trampoline, braving a tightrope walk, practising her somersaults and swinging on the trapeze.  And of course, good ol’ hula hoops.  Soon after, we found ourselves a regular at a local gymnastics class and then, preparing for a circus-themed party.

Last weekend, we celebrated her fifth birthday under the big top.  And oh what fun everybody had!  Here are some photos from the happy occasion.

my little gymnast going all acrobatic 

fun with hula hoops

Craftmates was there to help bring to life another memorable dessert table. 

all the stuff you can find at the circus interpreted as desserts

those burgers are made of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes

pardon the wonky cake pops :)

 Here's a close up of what's at the table setting...

The invite and thank you card...

The kids' loot bags are my labor of love.  I sewed all 20 drawstring bags, handmade the girls’ hairclips and created pretty packaging for the chocolate goodies and the scarf set.

Judging by the smile of the celebrant, I think she had a blast!

fabulous cake from bebsy

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  1. Oh, how fabulous! What a great party! I love all of the little details!

  2. This looks like a fun party. love all of your food and paper crafting projects. Great memories for your daughter and her friends.

  3. WOW. Great effort. You don't look like you missed a thing. My three girls have their birthdays soon and I am not going to show them this cause they will want this!

  4. Amazing! What a fun party. She is so lucky to have craftmates to create such a beautiful circus environment. Those burger cupcakes are genius - kind of wrong, but so appealing!

  5. What a fabulous many wonderful goodies!


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