Sunday, 27 May 2012

cake craft from bebsycakes

First multi-tiered cake I made
was for my son Lucas' 1st birthday 
I am the cake design enthusiast among the crafters here.  I kneaded my first batch of fondant in 2007 in preparation for my son's first birthday.  I did not go to pastry school, have no formal art training nor the time and resources to do either.  Everything I know I learned through the wonderful world of the internet, tons of books, both borrowed and bought, and hours of accidents and wastage in my kitchen.  I am a passionate hobbyist who takes pleasure in doing my time as a student of cake design.

Each cake I make is unique and custom designed for the individual it is for.  I love experimenting on structure and design, and unless specified by a client, every detail and design on my cake is edible.

The design aspect of cake making is what I am mostly proud of, but I make sure that all my cakes are tasty, fresh and delicious.  I do not use any type of cake mix, as I choose to prepare my babies from scratch.  No offense to the good people of Duncan Hines, but the value of time and effort spent on a cake can easily be seen and tasted.

Lucas' 5th birthday cake

I've created cakes that I am extremely proud of, and ones that are just, 'eh!', but there is always an interesting story or a fascinating inspiration behind each cake that I've done that gives me a bit of knowledge I can bring into play for my future projects. Duff, my personal cakegod once said, "If they say 'Wow! That cake sucks!', at least they said 'Wow!'".

I hope you join this fun ride with me and my talented girlfriends.

Welcome to craftmates!


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