Sunday, 27 May 2012

sprkl beads by aimee

I am the jewellery artist among  the craftmates on this blog.

I first got into beaded jewellery almost seven years ago when I moved to Canada.  My mom got me into "beads" because she felt I needed a creative outlet to soothe the anxiety that moving to a new environment brings.  Mom taught me the basics, i.e., stringing, wire bending, etc.  But for the most part, I taught myself through books and the internet.

Pretty soon my work proliferated so I started joining craft fairs and selling my wares through on-line shops such as Etsy & Big Red Bow and consignment stores like Nathalie-Roze.  I needed to give my new endeavor a brand so I came up with “Sprkl Beads”.    I still love my logo although I had long given up my website.

I am fortunate to have connected with three amazing crafters who share the same passion for anything handmade.   Through them, my interest in other art forms such as baking, sewing and paper crafts developed. 

Welcome to craftmates!


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