Sunday, 12 January 2014

Waste Not, Want Not

First off, I want to wish all our Craftmates friends a Prosperous New Year!!!  With 2 weeks into 2104, I already started to fine tune my family budget for the year.  One of my resolve is to cut down "excesses" and follow the 3R's of waste, i.e., reduce, reuse, recycle whenever I can.  This includes my craft projects.

For my first project of the year, I decided to create headbands from scrap fabric.  I usually save leftover  material from sewing projects. 

There are a lot of tutorials for fabric headbands out there but for a novice like me, I found the one from Lil Blue Boo easy to follow.

I made one for me and a smaller one for my niece.

It feels good to be able to re-use material that would otherwise have gone to the landfill.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice Headbands Aimee ! When I am gardening I always have my hair tucked behind my ears, or doing other bending over chores for that matter. Great way to use up your scraps.

    Happy New Year Craftmates !!! x

  2. Fabulous idea and adorable head band!


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