Monday, 12 August 2013

eat this!

I was planning my daughter's birthday party one year when I read a magazine article about fun creative kids party giveaways, an alternative to the usual bags of dollar store items.  On it were innovative ideas that included a variety of edible gifts including a miniature hard candy sculpture of an actual loot bag.  

Because I have no sugar sculpture skills, I developed my own version using marshmallow fondant, brownies and store bought candies and made each bag personalized.

The kids' surprised reactions when they received their loot bags were priceless!

Here's another version of the edible loot bags I did for a client...

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a sweet week!



  1. Wow...these are just the sweetest little creations ever! Love them.

  2. Absolutely wonderful!! I can imagine the kids were absolutely thrilled to receive these - I would have been!

  3. Fantastic! These are so special.


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