Saturday, 26 October 2013

"Get Well Soon" Care Package

My friend Carol Ann and I attended a trick-or-treat function at the zoo recently.  Although the event was a lot of fun, we both caught the bug from handing out candies to almost 800 kids.  

I was able to shake off the sniffles but Carol Ann is still feeling under the weather.   So, I decided to put together a care package for her.

From my pile of goodies, I pulled out honey and tea, my surefire remedy to any ailment (at least, that's why I think).   

To package the gift, I made a gift box to make the present extra special.

I hope the care package makes her feel better or at least let her know that someone is looking out for her.

Enjoy your weekend and have a fun & safe Halloween!



  1. Adorable! Love your little care package and the box you made to put it in! I work in a pharmacy and this time of year we see an influx of sick children, so I have to constantly remind my coworkers to keep their hands away from their face because that is that best way for germs to travel into the body, through the eyes, nose, and mouth! Hope you both are feeling better soon!

  2. This is the sweetest get well gift! the tea looks quite delicious too. And that sweet this is sure to put a smile on your friend.


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