Tuesday, 20 November 2012

school is cool

Last weekend, we had a “School is Cool” birthday party for our little 4-year old. She went to school for the first time this year so I thought it would be cool to have a party celebrating everything fun about school.  It was held at Adventure Valley Camp where we enjoyed an afternoon of gorgeous weather, fun activities for the kids (thanks to our awesome camp facilitators, Robyn and Natasha!) and lots of chatting and dessert-eating for the grown ups.  

Here is the celebrant test driving the fabulous photo booth created by Craftmate Virna.  She is a class nerd, cheerleader and prom queen all rolled in one!

Virna's creative props for the photo booth
Here is the class schedule for the day.  I love the combination of primary colours to create a really fun and  festive vibe.

First subject was Science.  Here, the kids made their own gooey slime which they put in their little containers to take home.  It was fun seeing the kids’ squeamish faces as they mashed their slimy concoction.

Next up was Math.  We went outdoors to enjoy the perfect weather and give the kids some active fun. They used their memory (with coaching from the mommies) to flip open numbered plates in the right order.  They had a kick trying to decide which parent to listen to!

And lastly, the crowd favourite...Phys Ed.  Everyone felt like a winner as obstacles were overcome and balls were transferred.  There were lots of cheering and high fiving all around!

Then it was time to head back in for snacks. 

Here is the kids’ table decorated with school-themed flower lollies from Virna and a healthy lunch box containing a juice box, fruit cup and homemade strawberry and cream cheese  sandwich based on this recipe.

Tag from Papertrey's Fillable Frames and Way to Go Kiddo!

Of course, she (and  the other kids) chose pizza over the healthy snack!
Here is the hot food table decorated with a blackboard-inspired backdrop. 

Made from foam board covered with black poster board and
decorated with Cricut die cuts
 After snacks came dessert.  Here is Craftmates’ school-inspired dessert table.  This was the kids’ favourite hang out area as they decide which treat to try out first. 

Here's an unobstructed view of the backdrop taken before the dessert crew arrived.

Some close up of the desserts... all edible (had to clarify that again as some thought otherwise)

Fabulous cake and cupcakes by Bebsycakes
Cake Pops by Aimee

Edible Dessert Art by Aimee

More edible dessert art by Aimee

This table has so many little details that it deserves a separate post.   So watch out for the details in the coming days.

Here is one of Frances’ favourite parts of the day, candle blowing.  I mentioned before that this girl enjoys blowing candles more than eating cake.  So she is delighted that now, she has 4 candles to blow. 

A school theme party is not complete without class pictures.  The kids had a cute class photo by the photo booth with some of them in characters like class nerd, cheerleader, school jock, class clown, teacher's pet, prom king and queen.  One parent commented that this was even better than their actual class photo in school J ( I am not posting it here since I am not sure if it is okay since I did not ask permission from their parents.  But trust me when I say, it was CUTE!)

Instead, here is a photo of the Craftmates.  Guess who is the nerdiest of us four...

Overall, the celebrant and her friends enjoyed the day.  And that is what matters. But being able to  plan the party with the Craftmates made it extra fun for me.   There were lots of photos exchanged on how the dessert table would look like, several practice sessions to perfect those cake pops and crayon rolls (Bulk Barn is now our friend!) and countless emails to confirm who would do what.  Thank you Craftmates for making this a memorable experience not only for Frances but for me as well.  So very thankful for your friendship!

Thanks for stopping by and for getting to the end of this post!  I will be back to  share with you the details of some of the projects we created and some inside story of what went on in the preparation of this party.  Hope you are having a fabulous week!


  1. You girls need to start your own "party" biz ! So much fun ... and Aimee those edible desserts? wonderful ! Frances you are one Lucky Birthday Girl with all your wonderful Craftmates creating your Birthdays for you. Happy 4th Birthday !!!

  2. What an amazing party and decorations ... and food!! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

  3. Wow is all I can say! Amazing decorations, theme, and edible desserts...fabulous. I concur with Cindy...Frances is one lucky girl! Happy Birthday! :)

  4. Wow, this looks amazing, Irma!
    I can't believe you were all playing outside--- our ground is covered with snow! Winter has hit Manitoba and has apparently decided to stay....

  5. You girls sure know how to throw a school affair. I am sure every kid wants to go back. All those decorations and the food was great eye candy.


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