Sunday, 30 December 2012

Custom Coasters

With the forecast calling for more snow, my niece Emma and I decided to spend the morning doing crafts.

Back in spring, I attended a glass etching class.  One project that I thought Emma and I could do together was monogrammed coasters.      We used round glass that I purchased from a craft supply store, stencil paper and Etch-All etching creme.

Using my personal cutting machine, I cut out letters on stencil paper.  

We carefully peeled and stuck the stencil paper on the glass.

Using an artist's spatula, we coated the glass with the etching cream and let it stand for 10 minutes.  

We washed off the cream from the glass with water.  (I also made sure we washed our hands thoroughly to remove any etching cream residue.)  The etched glass made for fabulous monogrammed coasters.  We had a great time creating the coasters.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Good job Emma and Aunt Aimee. You should totally teach me how to do this. - Irma

  2. They look great! I always wondered how that was done! :) Emma is a doll!!! Soo sweet! :)


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