Thursday, 20 December 2012

Shopping Day with the Craftmates

Hello, my name is Mariano and I am hubby to one of the Craftmates diva - Aimee. Last Sunday I had the very interesting experience of accompanying the Craftmates on their shopping escapade across the Niagara River . The four friends had initially planned to spend Sunday at the Walden Galleria in Buffalo, New York and I tagged along because I knew that I will be well rewarded for being a supportive husband. I would like to share my observations to all of you so that you will get to know them from a different perspective, one that is separate from their Craftmate personas.
As I anticipated, the day started great for me by way of a hearty lunch at the local Texas Roadhouse restaurant. While I was mainly there for the food (fall off the bone ribs and unlimited supply of sweet buns), I could not help but notice the joy that each of the Craftmates had by just being together with the reassurance that the day will be spent in each other’s company. 

At that moment, I accepted the reality that for the remainder of the day, I will be invisible to their eyes as the four of them indulge in endless chatter and laughter. Where I could have been sullen for the day at the thought of being bored, I actually enjoyed watching the four friends. It was friendship at its finest. Jokes at its funniest. Fun at its liveliest. Style at its best.

After lunch, the group went to the Walden Galleria Mall for some needed stress therapy that seem to have the same effect on women as spa treatment. The Craftmates went shoe shopping. I watched on the side as the four friends embarked on a mission to fulfill each member’s desired pair. I could not help but watch in awe at the unity, coordination and support that enveloped the four ladies in their quest to make sure that each Craftmate find the pair that will satisfy their craving. Every fitting was accompanied by admiration and approval. Every change of mind was greeted with support and encouragement. 

Every transaction at the cashier was met with a smile and a nod to signify approval. Like how men exchange high fives while watching sport, soldiers salute when reporting and people bow in church, the Craftmates was exercising their own ritual. It was great for me to see this side of them. Yes, just watching the ladies during the course of the day made me feel like a naturalist in National Geographic watching a pack of creatures in their most unguarded moment, behaving according to the laws of nature. 

It was then that I realized that these four ladies are bonded together by something deeper than their individual talents and common interest, they are true friends to one another. Each one brings a unique value to the group and when together they all share the same wavelength. Indeed, Craftmates is a true reflection of the friendship that bonds Aimee, Virna, Irma and Bebsy. As for me, I was rewarded with a new IPod.



  1. Touche' Mariano ! Wonderful post & good job as sub-servant, observer, and picture taker. I am certain these "special" Craftmates will employ you for their next stress therapy outing. Lovely job on the photos btw *smile*

  2. Lovely post! Thanks for being our bodyguard / paparazzi on that gorgeous day! - Irma

  3. Mariano, thanks for sharing your day with the Craftmates. I always thought these talented ladies shared a true friendship dating back to school days. Looks like they love their shoes just like their crafts, too. LOL.

  4. Sounds like it was a lovely day!! Love all the photos! :)

  5. What a lovely post! You must be a very special husband.


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