Friday, 7 December 2012

oh! christmas tree

I mentioned before that nowadays, my DD has a lot to say on how our tree is to be decorated.  I had a goal of finishing decorating the tree and getting the house holiday-ready by last weekend.  Happy to share with you that I did it!  It was tricky at first because she kept on re-arranging the ornaments as I put them.  We did that for about 20 minutes and she broke an ornament in the process (but that’s okay).  I had to create a distraction for her. So we finally gave in and let her open and play with the doll house she got as a gift during her last birthday.  I wanted to have hubby assemble it first and surprise her with a finished house but we did not have time.  So now, we have small furnitures and miniature house decors scattered all over her room.  But at least I got to finish decorating.  Here is our tree...

One of our favourite things to do during the holidays is to take a photo of Frances by our tree.  It is amazing to see how much she has grown over  the years, standing in front of the same tree every year.  Here she is in two of her first photos by the tree this year...

Disguised as a ballerina kitty...

And here are the layouts I made of her Christmas tree photos over the last 3 years. 

Year 2011

Year 2010

Year 2009

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  1. Love your tree, Irma. Hahaha...children are such busy helpers!

  2. These are all such sweet layouts, Irma! Great tree, too!

  3. Irma your daughter is adorable! and the layouts are so wonderful. They will be treasured in years to come and you'll really be able to see how she's grown over the years. I have two kids and without fail every year we take a picture of them on the steps coming downstairs on Christmas morning. Even now - he's 26 and she's 21 - they still let me take the picture :-) I don't even have to ask ;-) And seeing those pictures over the years is fun for us all (and means so much to their father and I).

  4. Your tree looks gorgeous and so regal! Your little one is sure a doll :).


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