Monday, 27 May 2013

of kors!!

Men will never understand women's relationship with shoes.  We can never have too much.  A new pair of shoes can make any woman feel alive, happy and content.  It's true.

When I feel the blues, my great picker-upper is trying on ridiculously expensive stilettos, walk around the store in them and I feel relaxed and happy.  No, I don't buy them. I just love the feel of walking tall in a pair of impractical shoes I cannot afford and in that fleeting moment, I am in my happy place.  (Please tell me Im not the only one who does this?)

Anyway, another shoe-holic celebrated her 40th birthday this past weekend. Darlene loves her Michael Kors shoes, and her sweet hubby surprised her with a fabulous party and a cake that represents her love of shoes.  I was lucky enough to be part of this happy celebration and made this all edible cake for her...

It's not the real thing, but I can tell she was happy with it, no? :-)

Have a sweet week, everyone!


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