Sunday, 26 May 2013

Salad Table Part 2

I was so inspired by Craftmate Virna's blog last summer where she grew a "Salad Table", I decided to grow my own this year.   My backyard is very small so I can only do container gardening.  As a novice gardener, "tips" from readers are always welcome!!!

I selected my favourite greens: arugula, romaine lettuce and spinach. 

I just planted last Victoria Day weekend and thanks to great weather, I think I will be able to start harvesting in a couple of weeks. 

Happy Sunday!


  1. WHAT A FABULOUS IDEA!!!!!!!!!! :) LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! (I've scrolled through your blog & I HAVE TO SAY, I LOVE YOUR CAKES!!!!!!!!! :) My mom used to do cakes to earn some extra $$$ & I was able to learn a little from her! NOTHING like what you do though!!!!!!!!!! FABULOUS WORK!!!!!!!!!!!! :) )

  2. I really can't stand arugula but love how your table turned out :)


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