Saturday, 6 July 2013

Home is Where Your Dog Is

What a week!  We were supposed to go on vacation this week but my oldest son (dog) got sick.  We decided to cancel our trip since Sam is already in his senior years. 
Mambo keeping Sam company
To make the most of our stay-cation, my HH (handy husband) decided to re-build our backyard (or as I like to call it, our dogs' bathroom) to make it more fido-friendly. 

Here is a "before" shot of our yard
My HH took out the sod and dug 6" of dirt to lay the screening and weed barrier.  I also wanted a small area for plants so we left 1-1/2' feet along the perimeter wall.

3 back-breaking days later, here is the finished backyard.


We do not regret missing out on our trip as this is the life we chose.  I am happy to report that Sam is doing better and I think they are happy with the new backyard.

Enjoy the weekend!



  1. I'm so glad to hear that Sam is feeling better. Our dogs are a part of the family so I totally understand why you stayed home rather than go on vacation. We would have done the same. Your yard looks beautiful.

    1. I truly appreciate your comment. Sometimes I feel like the "crazy dog lady" so I am glad when people can relate to my musings about my dogs.

  2. I'm so happy that Sam is feeling better. You did the right thing by staying home and being with him. I am a crazy dog lady and have no problem admitting it :). And besides, you got a lovely new backyard out of the deal!!


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