Wednesday, 31 October 2012

not another paper project again

I realized that kids start having a mind of their own at the age of three and a half (at least that is true for my DD).   Gone are the days when I can let her wear the clothes of my choice.  These days, the conversations go:  Mommy: "Do you want to wear this pants?".  Frances:  "No, I like this dress".  Then the following day, Mommy says "Do you want to wear this (other) dress" and she goes "I want to wear pants today".  I swear, I had to use reverse psychology on her sometimes in order to end up getting what I want.  But such is not the case for her halloween costume.

Last week, they were allowed to wear costumes in school.  She told me she wants to be a ghost (I was heartbroken since I already bought her a Belle costume).  I showed her pictures of what a ghost looks like but she didn't like white all over.  And she did not want to cover her face.  So to avoid further argument, I brought her to the store and asked her to pick what she liked.  And this was what she put together (totally not a ghost!).

I actually created the design on her shirt using this tutorial.  This is the first time for me to use freezer paper and fabric paint for stenciling and I love it!  The edges are so clean and crisp my hubby thought it was store bought.  I see lots of design possibilities in our future (and this may very well be the second lease on life my Cricut has been waiting for!).

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  1. So adorable. . . both your daughter and her costume.

  2. Frances appears to be very creative..I love her style !

  3. Ha ha!! Such a fashion maven. I like what she came up with.


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