Tuesday, 16 October 2012

sunday craftday + a card set

After months of hiatus during the busy summer season, the Craftmates got together last weekend for our usual Sunday Craftday.  Now that the weather is a lot cooler, we seem to have more time for indoor activities like chatting and eating cake (and oh, crafting too!). 

So here we are, crafting and chatting away...

And of course, dessert... never mind that we do not really need sugar to keep our energy high!

The projects we completed for the day will be reserved for a later post as it is for someone’s upcoming birthday party (wink, wink!).

Now onto to some cards….  I made this card set for a friend’s birthday a few months back when Papertrey's Rosie Posie was all the rage.  I still love that set but does not use it as much.  Hoping to find more time to use it again.

I also used Papertrey ink, cardstock and stamp (music and text background).

And this was how I packaged the set.

Have a fabulous week!


  1. How nice you gals were able to have a long overdue get together! We all get so busy with our lives we sometimes find it difficult to put these special times together. I love those Rosie Posie cards, every one of them !

  2. What beautiful cards. So lovely.

  3. Thanks for sharing. It is so nice that you all "make" the time to get together. Looks like you have lots of fun (oh yes, and food too). Your cards are lovely.

  4. Oh, how fun that you could get together to craft! I love the card set you made, Irma! My Rosie Posie set hasn't seen much love lately either, but I need to rectify that.... it's a great set!

  5. Wow on the cards!!! Not only do you girls look classy, you make beautiful craft work.

  6. Darling set! Looks like you had fun!


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