Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Bubble Pouch

I've had this pattern from Michelle Patterns sitting in my stash for months now. It's been on my list of things to do but I just never got around to making it. I finally got tired of having this on my list and decided to finish this project. 

I started by cutting the pattern pieces as well as the main and lining fabrics. 

Pattern pieces
The left is the lining fabric and the right is the main fabric
The suggested fabrics are medium weight quilting cotton, corduroy, or lightweight canvas. I went with the corduroy on both the main and lining fabrics. 

The pattern also called for interfacing and batting to stabilize the lining pieces and give the finished pouch additional structure. 
Batting and interfacing
And here's the finished product.

The top part of the flap is a little bit wonky because this is the part I left open to turn the pouch inside out. I'm not very good with the slip stitch so it ended up being uneven. 

I would probably use a lighter weight fabric the next time I make this because the interfacing and the batting made it really thick. It was hard sewing the lining and the main fabric together and I had to struggle a bit.  

I'm so glad I finally finished this project. 

Till next time.

Happy Sewing!


  1. Virna, so cute. I love the "big" button !

  2. Adorable! :) Love the corduroy!

  3. Well done, Virna. That feeling of achievement when you finally finish a project is good. And you've gained experience and learned a lesson or two.


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