Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Easter Get Together

I hope you are all enjoying Craftmates' "Party Week". It's my turn to share the Easter get-together that I hosted last year. It was a small group as some of my fellow craftmates were unable to attend. Irma, also known in this blog as the "paper addict", helped a lot with the decorations. 
Banner I bought from Old Navy for $1 - Sweet!
I tried to be fancy and folded some fabric napkins into bunnies. I found the tutorial from Martha Stewart and unfortunately, I can't find the link now - sorry!

A craftmates party will not be complete without the tissue pompoms. I used some milk glass vases to use them as centerpieces.  

This is the dessert table with my favourite Easter treat of all - "Peeps". I love the marshmallow goodness...yum!!! I also baked some chocolate crinkles which I usually bake only during Christmas. The craftmates have an annual Christmas cookie exchange and my chocolate crinkles is a staple. 

Peeps, Peeps, Peeps - oh how I love them!
The very crafty and creative, Irma, made these paper cutouts for decorations and cupcake toppers. 

Pink Chickie
Yellow Bunny

And now for the food...There were only 6 of us but we had food to feed a dozen. 

It was a fun Easter celebration and everyone went home with leftovers. 

Watch out for more parties coming up!



  1. Hi Ladies! Just stopped by cause you paid my blog a little visit earlier, from Made in a Days blog hop! I love all the creativity and details of your parties, so much fun! I'm now your latest follower! Would love it if you followed me back ;)

  2. Really, Virna, all these parties ! Fun, fun, fun.... You gals rock at parties.

  3. Virna,

    I have nominated all you terrific ladies who run this blog for The Versatile Blogger Award. Go to my blog to check it out and claim your button. :)


  4. Hi Virna, I found you through Made in a Day's blog hop and I'm your newest follower. Love those parties with enough food to take home and your decorations are really cute! Hope you'll stop over and visit and follow me at Quirky Vistas.

  5. Hi Virna,

    I'm one of your partners for the Blog & Social Media Love Swap from Swap-bot.

    What a lovely blog and to share it with friends, I would think that would give one incentive to continue with their blogging and not sometimes fall me.

    I love the Easter party decorations you have, the colors are just delightful. I've never hosted an Easter party but I'm feeling a bit inspired now. I'm really digging the Peeps you have on the platters, what a great way to display them.

    Oh, and now I'm hungry because the photos of the food you served looks absolutely scrumptious.

    I plan to pop back now and again to see what new and fun things you've posted about.

    Happy Swapping!
    Cakers from Swap-bot


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