Thursday, 26 July 2012

Lucky Month

Last month was a lucky month for me as I won two giveaways - one from Leah of Sew Spoiled, and the other one from the Green Bag Lady

From Sew Spoiled, I won a Simplicity bag pattern designed by Leah herself. 
I've been a follower of Sew Spoiled for a long time and Leah's creations are just divine. She's not just a great sewer and pattern maker, she also shares her knowledge with her readers through her tutorials.  I received the pattern last week and Leah even included a very cute key ring. 
I love the colour!
Thanks (sew) much to Leah of Sew Spoiled for the great pattern. I can't wait to try it out and make one of her bags. 

The other giveaway was from the Green Bag Lady. Teresa VanHatten-Granath is the Green Bag Lady. As her blog states: "Teresa and her team of volunteer 'Bagettes' make bags out of donated fabric and give them away for free in exchange for the promise to refuse paper and plastic when shopping".
Very cool vintage fabric
I admire Teresa's eco-friendly effort and I plan to pay it forward by having a give-away soon. Watch out for it!
Thanks again to Sew Spoiled and the Green Bag Lady for their fabulous giveaway. 


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